Why some data recovery companies can recover your data and others can not

I do not think anything is scarier than files being lost and cannot be recovered. It does not matter if it is years of information that has been stored on a local hard drive a company’s computer that housed information on a major project, files being lost can lead to a devastating situation for many. However, before any individual or group gets too excited, there is a lot that can be done in the computer world today. One of the most essential involves the topic that addresses how files can be restored.


With this in mind, as we begin to approach this topic in a more thorough way, one of the top questions is, why some data recovery companies can recover your data and others cannot. The answer to this question can vary based on the situation and what is involved because there are various problems that can cause data to be lost. So, for those of you who want to more about this topic, here are a few of the ways to restore loss data along with common reasons why some companies are more successful in this area than others.


Types of Restoration Software Applications Used Makes a Difference


One of the first things that people should know is, not all software applications are the same. So, the success rates for recovering loss data can be significantly different based on the applications and the data recovery uses to restore their clients data. For instance, some software applications are more robust than others so they can solve a wide variety of different issues when problems are encountered. Simply put, they are designed to recover all of the information no matter what kind of format that the files are in. Instead of only being limited to specific formats.


Hardware Restoration Equipment and Tools are More Sophisticated – Forensic Capabilities


Another key reason for one company to be more receptive and responsive to data loss problems than others is the type of data restoration equipment and tools used. Some of which have been designed to recover data from different types of storage devices like the traditional hard drives, SSDs and flash drives that were previously damaged or marked for complete destruction. In these cases, the business owner may be hiring someone who works in forensics. So, the quality of the tools that the organizations uses may involve a variety different digital forensics tools in order to recover information that others would normally find difficult or impossible to restore.


Backup Systems – Pre-emptive Plans Provided


It is not uncommon for a business to hire a company to manage all of their data. So, the services that they provide may include restoring information after it has been lost and devising a plan to recover the information from bad hard drives in the event that problems do occur. In order for some of these companies to receive maximum recovery services for the problems that they experience, it is not uncommon for these companies to back up all the company’s data in advance. In some cases, this includes establishing a specific RAID plan for the company. As a result of these plans, the information can be restored very easily without the company’s operations being disrupted for any long length of time. In fact, when these plans are designed appropriately, the recover is seamlessly done and no one on the outside will even know that a problem existed.


Why some data recovery companies can recover your data and others can not is a topic of discussion that both small and large companies should explore. Because of the critical nature of restoring information that is lost, everyone needs to know the differences between the companies that do the most comprehensive jobs and those that do not. Meaning organizations will need to do a through job of researching this information prior to hiring a company for these services.


Fortunately, the answer to this question is relatively simple since some companies hire experts that know how to apply what they have learned to each case and situation. While others may work in this field but the skills and equipment that they offer do not always suit the situation. That is because some companies have access to better software tools and physical equipment, and they have the experience to restore information from damaged hard drives. Further, many of the best data recovery companies have been employed to restore information from via RAID backup plans.